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Riad Hotel Fantasia :

Riad Hotel Fantasia :

The riad hotel is ideally located since it is the heart of the medina (old city) of Marrakech A 100 meter from the famous Jemaa el Fna (world famous), 200 meters from Mellah Jewish center of gravity of large Monuments to: Koutoubia Badii pleasure the souks of a thousand and one nights....

Hotel Fantasia, 3 levels, an entrance, the cafeteria with a nice patio and 2 large terraces Andalusian.

The entry is called aagoumi majestic walls softened by a kind Moroccan called TADALEKAT richly carved ceiling plaster By the way Moroccan and Andalusian fountain as a timber and looks.

A Moroccan living room is available to the TV with international channels every year throughout the day.

The ground floor is a wonder since it represents the true face of Morocco and Andalusia, in the middle you'll find trees with beautiful plants that gives a dazzling greenery and a fountain in the center equipped with a water jet.

These arches clad in brick called MAJMATES, Arabic characters on the grave stone and gibs adorn the entire perimeter of the hall. Peripheries of the top is enclosed with green tile

The second level is also endowed 3 wonder, and douirya stinya side marrakech Fassi, Mestia (also a royal suite) Berber rating.




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  • Address : 187/4 Riad Almokha - ARSET Lamaach - 40000 Marrakech
  • Phone : +212 524 426 545
  • Fax : +212 524 426 545
  • Website :